The Seal of the King by Ralph Smith

Review by Red City Reviews (click here to see  original review)

Ralph Smith’s Seal of the King is an epic adventure that tells the story of Aurora and David, two lovers who will follow their faith anywhere. Reminiscent of Stephen King’s The Stand, Aurora and David must fight the most classic battle of them all: Good versus Evil. When Aurora and David’s worlds first collide they discover that their pure love for each other, combined with their unwavering faith in the Lord, may just give them the strength they need to overcome the Dark One and save both of their worlds from corruption, pain, and suffering. In the process, they discover many of the beautiful things that life and love have to offer them, the very things that may be worth the ultimate sacrifice to save.

Seal of the King is a fun and pleasant read, though at times it seems that it is much more focused on the deep spiritual connection that Aurora and David’s love creates than it is about purifying the world and destroying evil for good. By the end of the novel, there is no question that Aurora and David are the most perfect couple ever created and that anyone would be lucky to have a relationship half as loving and committed as theirs. While there are times that this feels like a bit too much, verging on overkill, perhaps they are just the power couple that their worlds have been waiting for.

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