5.0 out of 5 stars A Great Fantasy Novel, June 26, 2014
This review is from: Seal of the King (Kindle Edition)
From the moment I read through the blurb of Ralph Smith’s debut novel, Seal of the King, I felt compelled to read it. From a fantastic compelling characters, to a great engaging plot that makes sure not to lose you interest, all wrapped around Smith’s great writing style. Seal of the King tells the story of Aurora and David two complete opposites are thrown into a war between light and dark on the their journey to fight prophecy and a duel between the dark one.

Aurora and David are two great characters who are a pleasure to watch as they grow from being simple minded from the start of the novel into completely different beings by the end of it. Aurora will have to be by far my favorite character of the two as she’s split in between two personalities. One a great warrior with great skills and abilities at being able to protect people close to her, and the other she’s a young girl looking to beloved and that someone is David. David and Aurora relationship throughout the novel is a wonderful thing to watch and is a pleasure to sit back and watch the two fall for one another through out the novel. Smith’s ability to craft relationships is clearly shown in this novel.

Smith also does a great job getting the pacing and narrative voice to match the novel needs. The pacing fits the novel well and there’s not a point in the novel where I feel as if I’m patiently waiting for the next plot point to happen.

I would definitely recommended this novel to anyone who’s interested as they novel does a great job of being exciting and interesting. The Seal of the King is definitly a must read for any fans in the fantasy genre.