Great read about dark vs light and love!, July 2, 2014
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This review is from: Seal of the King (Kindle Edition)
I read some other reviews before I posted mine and I have to say I agree with a few people that I was genuinely surprised how good this book was and how sucked in I got. I have a job and a husband and was sneaking in time to read whenever I could, I’d get up in the morning to read for 30min or an hour. I also wanted to add that I am not a religious person and even though the book has a Christian theme throughout it, it’s more about faith then these people just blindly following God like so many others who have no faith but continue to go to church. I don’t know, maybe they hope to stumble upon it. 

Onto the book! Seal of the King is an adventurous, emotional, engaging read. I loved the characters, their individual stories and their adventures together. The dark vs light will never be over-done, especially to fantasy readers. Right from the start you are pulled in by action and curiosity; left feeling “what will happen next?!” I love the bond David and Aurora have, it’s so interesting and you get to see how they develop throughout the book as a couple and see their love grow. They have a love at first site kind of relationship, but neither of them really knew if the other existed, just seeing glimpses of one another their whole lives. Their connection is much more than that though, their love makes them stronger together, their faith unshaken and keep each other going through times there seems to be no hope.

Although as a woman I enjoyed the love they shared this book has much more to it. David and Aurora are on a mission to save another realm from “The Evil One”. It is Aurora’s realm actually, where she grew up into a fierce warrior and has the knowledge to help complete their mission. There is a great twist though and an opening for another book so I’m excited for that. I don’t know if it is out yet so I’m going to poke around for some information.

One last thing I’d like to add, you know how most books or even movies show a love start to blossom but is thwarted by war and other complexities. Then at the end you never get to see what happens after the fact when the obstacle is overcome, you just get a tiny scene of them kissing and you are left thinking “ok so they lived happily ever after”. I love that Seal of the King does not do that to me! I like reading about the part after the fact. When things are calm for a period and you can see the love evolve into something more meaningful and you get to celebrate and see that the hardships weren’t for nothing. Anyway that’s just me and something I notice in other books and I’m glad this one didn’t do that :) 
Hope you all enjoy it as much as I did!