Seal of the King is a thrilling action adventure and love story.
582 days ago
Seal of the King is a thrilling action adventure and love story.

Author Ralph Smith brings us the story of David and Aurora. David is a farmer. He grew up with visions of Aurora. He thought of her at first as an imaginary friend but as the years went on he knew she was real. He came to be in love with her and unwilling to open his heart to another though he kept it as his secret. Aurora is a warrior. She grew up with visions of David and came to love him in her heart. She told others about him but no one took her seriously. She loved David and did not open her heart to any other man.

After getting to know David and Aurora the story takes off. When David and Aurora meet each other all those years of yearning, friendship and love become an overwhelming experience. David immediately wants to protect and care for Aurora. Smith does a fantastic job of exhibiting a true love.

Aurora and David come from different worlds. It is interesting to see how quickly they adapt and their thoughts concerning their surroundings. While the love portion is significant to the plot there is much more in the story. There is the Dark One. There is a prophecy. There is war and fighting. There is adventure and a quest. There is suspense and excitement. There is also the strong backdrop of pure love, faith and being blessed.

Smith does an excellent job of creating the background of two very different worlds and two very different people. The characters are all well developed and come fully to life. David and Aurora are so sweet, noble and lovable. You can’t help but to long for their success and be drawn into their journey. I can’t wait to see what happens next. I highly recommend it!