on March 18, 2015
Format: Paperback
In this day of uncertainty and the increasing persecution of Christians, the Seal of the King provides an illuminating glimpse of what is to come in the final battle between God and the Dark One. Demonstrated in this novel is a compulsory reminder that it is our love for God that will protect us in our conflict. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. It reminded me of what it means to be a servant and of having a trusting faith that delivers His promise. This is action packed romance and hostility between two worlds. The Dark one is defeated in one domain, and has now moved to ours. I cannot wait for the sequel, as I know that the warfare will be more intense. The Dark One knows he must win or die. As asked of David in this book, with whom will you stand? The answer is, “I stand with Jehovah!” I recommend this book highly to anyone who loves Christian Fantasy and spiritual warfare. Thanks Ralph for such an intriguing write.