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5.0 out of 5 stars This revived my faith in the sci-fi genre. Must read!, March 15, 2014
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This review is from: Seal of the King (Kindle Edition)
This was a fantastic fantasy novel. I have been turned off of late to the sci-fi genre because it seems like most new books to hit the market have similar plots, themes, and other similarities. I came across this book on a blog and saw that it had a Christian tone to it so I decided to check it out. Boy, was I glad that I did. 

Ralph Smith did a masterful job of introducing and then developing the characters of Aurora and David. These characters were not only likeable, but they were very relateable as well. These two things are conducive to hooking the reader emotionally and keeping them flipping through the pages. I love the contrast in characters as well – David a farmer and Aurora a warrior. Who would have thought that they would have made a perfect love?

Overall, this book was great! My favorite part was the spiritual themes. It was nice to see a sci-fi that could blend together faith, love, and science fiction. The author’s writing talent shines through here. A must read!