on November 18, 2016
I like fantasy books and when Ralph Smith asked me – “do you like to read”? I said, yes when I have time. Ralph then suggested this book and I’m so grateful he did. I’m a busy mom/wife/professional, with little time to sit and read and therefore when I do find time I like a book that moves fast, keeps me intrigued and makes me want to put down the laundry basket or laptop to find out what comes next in the book. This is exactly what happened. The relationship between Aura and David was amazing. The respect for each other that Ralph shows is what every parent wishes for their children and themselves in their relationships. I truly enjoyed the Christian emphasis, because I do believe through God all things are possible and this book shows that in so many ways. I can’t wait to read the sequel and someday watch this on the big screen. Kris.

PS. My 18 year old daughter loved this book as well and shared it with her friends.