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5.0 out of 5 stars I Guess I Should Have Looked At the Category, But Than I Might Have Missed It, July 11, 2014
This review is from: Seal of the King (Kindle Edition)
Well where to begin this review oh hold on just a second let me unhook my seatbelt what a ride this book was. To give a little confession I was about five pages into it before I realized that this is Christian based principles abstractly guiding this story. 

But the biggest shock even after I made that realization is that I kept reading. Not that I have issues with Christian based anything I just don’t usually enjoy it. I’m being honest and in that vein I have to say I enjoyed the heck out of this book.

Interesting when you allow your mind to stay open to an experience what you discover about yourself and others. What I discovered about this author is that he is a good writer Christian based book or not. His characters are incredibly strong and well defined especially for a first in a series. I happen to be a series junkie I prefer them to stand alone.

I also consider myself a series potential expert LOL based on how much material is covered in a part of the plot kind of way I have to say this book has huge potential. I really enjoyed the fact that the story lines started unraveling on word one. There was no forced three chapter read involved to glean information to understand the dynamics of the players.

Although it is the dialogue that gave the whole Christian based book away to me it does not come off as preach or diabolically designed to recruit new sheep to the flock. Author Ralph Smith has managed to stay true to his personal principles while writing a great book. I will admit a little surprise at the romance scenes. But then I guess you don’t have to commit murder to write a mystery soooooooooooooooo well you do the math LOL.

I feel like the subtext of this book was very interesting and gave great insight to the principle and some of the larger supporting characters. I really liked the dichotomy of Aurora and felt that David was a classic still waters run deep kind of guy who you naturally are drawn to.

Overall I thought this was a great first to a series and look forward to reading more which is why I signed up for the email alert for new books in the series. It’s at the top right of the page just so you know. I’m giving this author a five and hope he will share the glory with a couple of very well written characters, nice job.