on April 2, 2017
I loved the book. The author did a good job combining Fantasy with Christianity and I believe we need more of. Christian Fiction is more than just Amish romances – blah!

The only critique I have is the author didn’t spend enough time on the actual battle of the Dark One and spent too much time on telling us every single detail of what happened on the date/proposal.
To me, it should’ve been reversed. The battle needed more detail, more twists, turns, just…more. I was left feeling underwhelmed that the Dark One could be bested so easily and quickly. Granted, I understand we see him again in the next book but it still doesn’t satisfy me. All this lead up to the end battle and I was left wanting.
The date/proposal needed shortened. I don’t need to know every single thing that was said or done. Just give me the gist of it and I’ll be happy.